Chambers of Terror! Salem's #1 Haunted House!

Salem's #1 Attraction for FRIGHTFUL FUN!

The #1 Haunted House in Salem

There is a place in Salem where sunlight cannot reach. A place where it is HALLOWEEN ALL YEAR LONG. A place where you journey into the realm of darkness and scream in delight!



CHAMBERS OF TERROR! is the ULTIMATE FRIGHTFUL FUN experience- located in the heart of historic Salem Massachusetts.

SO SCARY... you "just can't even!"

  • The Original Walk-Through Haunted House from the minds of Salem's Nightmares LLC
  • Created by professionals with over 20 years experience in the Halloween industry
  • Movie Quality Scenes and Nightmarish Creatures
  • The only TRULY FRIGHTFULLY FUN attraction in Salem!


Q: How scary is it?


Q: I don't like to be touched. Will anything touch me?

A: Our actors operate under a strict rule of NO purposeful physical interaction with guests. So you will not be grabbed, poked, prodded, etc. Incidental contact with props, scare elements, and scenery such as walls, hanging vines/cloth etc may occur.  

Q: What is the difference between the "Terror Tour" and "Halloween Horror" shows?

A: The Terror Tour show runs all summer and into October as our daytime show for Salem visitors. It is a very dark and scary experience with a live Ghoulish Guide who can't be trusted, as well as many startles and scares in the darkness, and surprises we would never ruin for you by listing them here. It is not staffed as heavily with live actors as our October Halloween Horror show, but it is still EASILY the most intensely scary and fun experience in Salem during May-Sept season. The Halloween Horror show is our full-intensity, full staff Halloween experience, which runs weekday evenings and all day weekends in October. It is worth noting that BOTH our shows are scarier and more intense than any other attraction in town. So no matter when you visit, it will be our pleasure to make you scream, jump, and laugh.

Q: Someone said it was really dark inside. Is that true?

A: Heck yes, it's really dark inside! We're here to scare people, and darkness = unknown, and the unknown is SCARY. That said, there are also some very cool things to see in the dimly lit recesses of the master's catacombs! SO- if you come during the daytime, bear in mind that you WILL BE SUNBLIND when you first enter, and some people will be almost unable to see anything in even the first scene... which is why we tell everyone- SLOW DOWN. Take a few moments to let your eyes adjust to the darkness and get your bearings. Then move forward... if you DARE!

Q: I saw online that your tour isn't very long. What's the story?

A: We love operating in Salem MA. It's one of the few places on earth where people EXPECT to find top-notch spooky attractions year-round. However, being located conveniently in the center of this bustling little tourist town does have one or two drawbacks. One of them is available space. As with pretty much every attraction in Salem, we are limited in space in comparison to larger standalone "warehouse style" haunts in other areas. So our shows tend to run an average of 7-8 min, depending on how quickly folks move through the unguided sections. (Some really scared groups go a few min longer, very few go shorter and they basically ruin the show for themselves by barreling through.)

Here's the upside though: because we know that our show time is limited, we go out of our way to provide HANDS-DOWN the most INTENSE OLD SCHOOL SCARE HOUSE EXPERIENCE in town, AND one of the longest if not THE longest in Salem as well. Anyone promoting themselves as having a significantly lengthy haunt show in Salem is unfortunately stretching the truth and being misleading. 

Most people plan to hit a variety of attractions during their visits to the "Witch City". There is a LOT to see here, especially during the October festivities! So, if you come thinking of the town itself as a giant carnival to explore, and each haunt or spooky attraction as individual "rides", you'll be coming with the right mindset and are sure to have a blast! There's no place like Salem, and we LOVE scaring visitors here.

Q: You have some great Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor reviews! What's up with those Yelp reviews though??

A: Yelp is a frustrating site for many business owners, ourselves included. As of this writing, we have at least 10 legitimate rave reviews from customers that have all been "filtered" out and sit in the "non-recommended reviews" bin. In contrast, the only couple of reviews that have passed the yelp "filter" are from sour grapes customers who often came in with skewed expectations or did not fully "buy in" to the show format, follow the Ghoulish Guide's directions etc and had a less than satisfying experience for it. We'd love to have our Yelp reviews reflect the thousands of satisfied scared customers we frighten and entertain each season... but the Yelp filter-bot seems dead-set against us. Maybe someone over there in Yelp-ville hates haunted houses ;)


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